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A fic!

Hi, everyone, me again! Akifumi-sama and Gaku-kun are a bit too busy to leave entries today, so I'm going to share a fic. Here we go!

Title-Nightmares and Dreams
Warnings-Poor attempts at writing fighting scenes, character deaths, over-emotional Yasuaki
Summary-What is thought to be a nightmare frightens Yasuaki
Disclaimer-HaruToki is not mine otherwise Yasuaki/Eisen would be canon

And that's the fic. Please let me know what you thought. Ja ne!


I do not deserve this honor...

 Greetings, my name is Iwai Takuto. I do not understand why exactly, but btamamura-san was kind enough to ask me to leave an entry here today. I do not deserve this...

 Today, it is my birthday, as well as Youji-san's and Madoka-chan's. Not that you really should be concerned with my birthday.  I do extend birthday greetings to Youji-san and Madoka-chan though, even though I doubt they will accept them. I suppose since Youji-san is having a party with his friends and Madoka-chan is celebrating her birthday with her classmates and teacher, that would leave me to post an entry. Ah, so it was process of elimination. That is nothing new to me. I just hope that this will be satisfactory.

 Kouji has been trying to convince me to join everyone as they celebrate my birthday, but I do not deserve a party, I am nobody special. I would much rather draw something, but lately my skills haven't been perfect. Maybe it is stress, or maybe it's because I was never good at art. 

 I have been rather depressed lately, so everyone has been keeping a close eye on me, especially Kouji and Ou-sama. They shouldn't have to burden themselves with me...

 I shall end here, I have taken up too much of your time.

 Hey there, the name's Sanji.

btamamura-chan asked me to leave an entry today since it's my birthday, and how can I say no to her?

 First, many thanks to everyone who extended birthday greetings, including Yasuaki and Eisen. 

 What I say next will have cursing, so I will have it under a cut. Normally, I don't bother, but btamamura-chan requested it.


 There. That's my entry, and now I have a few guys to kick around for ruining my birthday! But, before I do, Iwai Takuto, Kudo Youji and Kugimiya Madoka are celebrating their bithdays tomorrow. I hope they have a better day than I did! Bye!



 Hello. I am Abe no Yasuaki, and because btamamurahad asked me to, I am going to leave an entry on this like Eisen did the other day. But, what can I talk about?

 First, I would like to say that I hope Omi had a good birthday. Though why his friends had him celebrate it, I do not understand. Why is it that so many people have a celebration on the day of their birth? Even Eisen has a little celebration with all of us. And for some reason, because I can see it makes him happy, I try my hardest to please him. He has done the same for me as well when my birthday took place. Though...can one such as I celebrate a birthday? I was not born, I was created by Shishou. Despite that though, Miko...Akane and Eisen insist I do something to celebrate being another year older. However...I do feel warmth in my heart whenever they do insist I celebrate my birthday.

 Speaking of birthdays, tomorrow it is Sanji's birthday. Eisen and I extend our birthday wishes. Though I am not sure why we do that...maybe because it causes those we give the wishes to to feel the same warm feeling I have whenever Eisen wishes me a happy birthday.

 I am not one of many words, so I shall end my entry here. It should be satisfactory. Goodbye.


Today is my birthday!! ^_______^

 Hi, everyone! I'm Tsukiyono Omi! *waves* I managed to sneak away from the party Youji-kun and Ken-kun insist I have to celebrate since my official birthday only arrives every four years. I was asked by

btamamura-san to leave an entry today to say hello to everyone. And since I have my own computer that Youji-kun is forbidden to use to look up certain material it makes things a LOT easier. 

 First, I would like to give thanks to everyone who extended birthday wishes to me, including Eisen-sama who had left a little message at the end of his entry! Ken-kun told me he has something special for me, but I can't get it until much later. I think I know what it is...but that's for me to know...

 You might be wondering why I am using an icon with a picture of Naoji-kun and Camus-kun...well, there is no icon with my picture on it unfortunately, but Naoji-kun was kind enough to allow me to use one of the icons with his image on it.

 btamamura-san sent me a card, but it hasn't arrived yet. When it arrives, I'll ask whoever's turn it is to please add it to their entry. 

 Oh no, Youji-kun has decided he's going to hunt me down and drag me back to the party. I apologise for such a short entry, but when we finally get to relax, Youji-kun is really into it...especially when a party is involved. Crap, he found me! I've gotta go! Bye!

 Youji-kun, stop pulling me!! Alright, I'm coming, just let me save my entry!
 Oh, an entry? Hi there, btamamura-chan!
 Oi, you coming or not?!
 I'm coming, Ken-kun! Youji-kun, stop pulling!!



....Hello there...

 Hello there, everyone. My name is Eisen. As per btamamura-dono's request, I shall leave an entry. I have many thanks to give to Miko...I mean Akane-dono and Tenma-dono for teaching me how to use this device known as a computer. Though, this one is different to what I first learned...oh, I see, this is a laptop. I wonder why it is called that? It sits on top of one's lap? That does make sense.

 I'm rather shy by nature, so I am afraid I will not be talking about very much, though I am impressed by Naoji-dono's entry, considering he too is a shy individual. If he was able to write so much, then I shall as well. But, what should I talk about? ...Maybe you would like to hear how the transfer from my world to this world worked out? Yes, Naoji-dono had advised me that not everyone is interested...so I shall use a cut. 

 I am suprised with myself that I had written so much. Is this how it is for Takamichi-dono? 

 I should be leaving now. I am certain I had just worn out my welcome with my comments. But, thank you very much for reading my thoughts if you did. 

 Oh yes, before I forget, tomorrow is Tsukiyono Omi-dono's birthday. I hope he has a pleasant day.

Greetings. *bows*

 Greetings, everyone. My name is Ishizuki Naoji. btamamura-san has asked of me to write an entry in this journal, so I am. 

 There really isn't very much for me to talk about...though I do have an interesting story for all of you if you are interested. Oh, I see. Not all of you are... That is alright. I will use this option of cutting so you do not have to read it if you do not wish to. 

 I do hope that story was intriguing enough for you. If not, then I humbly apologise and will avoid sharing such trivial matters in the future. I believe that I may have written enough to satisfy everyone who is reading this. In that case, I shall leave for now. Until then, it has been a pleasure to meet you. I hope to see you again someday in the future.
Hi there, this is btamamura. This journal is my alternate one in which I shall post my fics, and even have a couple of entries written by someone other than me. Some of the fics I'm posting here include my older ones, which means those won't have yaoi, but more like brotherly love between guys. Yep, even my Saiyuki fics from back then when I wasn't all that keen on yaoi/shounen-ai.

You'll notice that a lot of my fics seem to focus on certain pairings...my Crush Gear Turbo fics may focus on Kuroudo/Avril, Kyousuke/Lan Fang or even Kouya/Kaoru; Pokemon fics if they include a pairing will be Tracey and myself (first crush!!); HaruToki fics have a tendency to focus on Yasuaki/Eisen with maybe some hints of Tomomasa/Takamichi or Tenma/Akane. Those are just some examples.

There will also be a couple of therapy fics tucked in here. I call them therapy fics because I would write them to express how I am feeling. Writing a story about myself in emotional distress and being comforted by someone had helped me to find some self-comfort when I couldn't talk to anyone...sometimes my fics have characters going through what I had, like my CGT fic 'Mother Has What?!' which will be familiar to gayleeand xcerpted

Now I will end with a short crossover fic I wrote one night.

Title-Flutes and Silence AKA Men Of Little Words
Rating-All ages, nothing objectionable
Warnings?-None, except numerous '...'
Fandoms-Harukanaru Toki no Naka de/Gundam Wing
Summary-This could possibly be how the meeting between Yasuaki and Trowa would play out
Disclaimer-I do not own either of these series.

That's the fic, and that's the end of my first entry here. Remember to check back, as there will be something posted everyday. If not a fic, then a character entry. Ja ne! *waves*